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Published Peer Reviewed Journal Articles



  • Jacobson, D., Mason, R., Montemurro, F., Bruder, R., & Du Mont, J. (2022). Knowledge, attitudes, and practices of social service providers regarding the domestic sex trafficking of adolescents and adults in Ontario and Canada. Journal of Advance Nursing, 78(S1), 9-72.


Under Review


  • Social service providers' knowledge of domestic sex trafficking in the Canadian context. Revised and resubmitted to SSM: Qualitative Research in Health. 


  • Challenges to supporting domestically sex trafficked persons: In depth interviews of social service providers. Submitted to Journal of Human Trafficking.


  • Identification of domestically sex trafficked persons in social service settings in Canada: A qualitative study: Submitted to Journal of Health & Social Care in the Community.


In Preparation

  • Azzopardi, C., Bruder, R., & Smith, T. D. (2022). Multisector Community Response to Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children: Toronto Region Protocol. The Hospital for Sick Children [Manuscript in preparation]

  • Barriers to caring for sex trafficked persons during the COVID-19 pandemic [Manuscript in preparation]

Other (Grey Literature)


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